Given that last-mile delivery has more issues included than solutions for both customers and merchants, the topic of what the future of retail delivery experience for digitally connected consumers will be arises. Recent discussions have focused on innovative and automated parcel delivery locker systems. With the introduction of automated parcel lockers or smart lockers, the retail delivery business is maturing. Retailers can increase the number of Contactless storage locker/parcel deliveries per day while lowering additional operational costs with smart locker technology. It also improves the retail delivery experience for clients by making it simple to click and collect their package at any time of day or night. system of automatic package lockers The use of parcel delivery lockers has numerous benefits for end users, logistics or postal companies, and even society. That's why parcel locker networks are becoming increasingly common in the West โ€” and thatโ€™s why they're already regarded fundamental infrastructure in several Asian countries. So, let's look at the advantages of parcel locker networks in terms of different groups

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