If you are looking for a vehicle that falls within your tight budget or are trying to get some good car stocks for reselling, then cheap used car auctions could be the place you should start searching. You may not know much about cheap used car auctions and it can be confusing to you at this moment. Fret not, as what you are going to learn would be helpful to your search for bargain car buys.


1. Go to Police or Government Used Car Auctions


Now, these are places where you can be certain that the vehicles are not refurbished crappy pieces of scrap. While they are used vehicles, a lot of them are well maintained albeit the minor scratches you may find. This beats going to private auctions where you cannot be sure of the condition of the seized vehicles.


2. Arrange for Preliminary Inspection


Generally, you can arrange for preliminary inspection of a vehicle you would like to bid for. This is to allow you a chance to ascertain the condition. Never enter an auction without having an experienced car mechanic accompanying you. Having a professional around helps allay your fears and gives you greater chances of getting a vehicle of good workable condition. This is important since there is no refund policy for the vehicles. You buy them in their "as is" condition.


3. Get Ready to Do Your Own Research


The first thing you might want to do when you find a vehicle of your liking is to check on its ID number with Car Fax. The full history report pretty much tells you everything about the vehicle. Next, ascertain the value of the vehicle in order to adjust your bids.<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->skrotpræme bil


4. Determine your Maximum Bids


It is equally important to determine the ceiling of your bid before entering the cheap used car auctions. Your maximum bid must fall within your budget and it must be something you are comfortable with. This also helps to put a brake in case you start to engage in a bidding competition with other bidders. Take into account that you can sometimes get away with a car with 95% slashed off its value, and also expenses such as vehicle registration fee, inspection fee, buyer's premium and other fees.


5. Go to Auto Auctions At Remote Places & During Weekdays


The rationale is that most people work during weekdays and hence, cannot be at the auctions. Logically, the lesser competition, the lower are the bids. So you can actually drive home a sports convertible at ridiculously low prices. Out of the way places in some tucked away towns are great places to find great bargain vehicles as well.